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In order to ensure Service Quality for our Clients.
  • Accounts will automatically expire after the lease period. Expired accounts cannot be retrieved and can result in loss of all web and email data.

  • I2d Technologies retains the right to revise the plans / prices and increase or decrease the features of the hosting plans. This revision can be on yearly or 2 year basis.

  • i2d Technologies is liable to provide the client with dedicated online support services for this account. All support related enquiries will only be entertained at the official support account Support related enquiries will not be entertained on telephone or any other means.

  • If the client desires to change the service provider , the client has to formally inform i2d Technologies minimum 1 month prior the account expiry date for shift of services.

  • I2d Technologies will provide the client with all account credentials upon formal request via email at support desk. The client is then personally responsible for the safeguard of these passwords or credentials.

  • i2d Technologies server administration may take steps it deems necessary at any time to protect the security of the server (this generally includes applying security patches as well upgrading the entire operating system). An account can be put offline temporarily with or without formal notice due to a technical failure or any routine upgrade.

  • New policies and service offerings will be introduced to the client from time to time for the betterment of service quality.

  • All hosting plans ensure 99.9% hosting uptime. This assurance applies to network uptime, server uptime, web server and service uptime. It does not cover areas where the company has no direct influence. Such as ISP failures, fiber-optic main line cuts, Domain Registrar issues and or external routing issues between client location and data center.

  • All hosting accounts are equipped with autonomous backup features on weekly and monthly basis. The client is advised to take personal backups on desired intervals in case of daily or hourly backups.

  • .Pk domains are operated by PKNIC SRS and i2d Technologies is an authorized reseller for .pk domains.

  • All .com,.net,.org,.biz domains are operated by Public Domain Registry and i2d Technologies is a global agent / reseller for PDR domains.

  • i2d Technologies reserves the right to refuse hosting for material which may be deemed offensive , illegal or in any way controversial, and also to terminate such account should the necessity arise.

  • i2d Technologies is not liable for any damages or data loss that arise from the use of this service or for any damages that occur from misinformation or misrepresentation by the client which may result in a loss or corruption of data. Under no circumstances shall the client hold i2d Technologies responsible for any loss of data or inability to properly configure complex scripts or programs.

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